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Ruby 1.8.2 released!

Matz announced that ruby 1.8.2 was released (ruby-talk:124413 and ruby-talk:124434).


Chinesische Übersetzung von

Die Chinesische Übersetzung von ist nun verfügbar. Mein Dank geht an KOBAYASHI Toshihito.


1.8.2 preview4 veröffentlicht

Matz hat angekündigt, dass ruby 1.8.2 preview4 veröffentlicht wurde (ruby-core:04000).


Pragmatic Bookshelf planning a series of Ruby books

“Programming Ruby” author Dave Thomas of the Pragmatic Programmers announced plans for a series of Ruby books from the Pragmatic Bookshelf (the Pragmatic Programmers’ own imprint). “The intent is to create a series of books with a deeply practical focus. We won’t just document APIs. Instead, we want to show how to get value from those APIs—-how to solve real-world problems.”


Ruby Codefest Grant Program announced by Ruby Central, Inc.

Ruby Central, Inc. has announced its first Ruby Codefest Grant Program. This program is designed to provide support for local and regional groups working on development of Ruby libraries. (See full text of the announcement.) You can apply for a grant on behalf of your group.


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