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New Ruby Web Magazine Goes Live

The newest on-line resource for serious Ruby information has gone live. Ruby Code & Style, an on-line magazine from Artima, has just published issue #1. Check out the names on the advisory board. It’s a Who’s Who of everybody who’s anybody in the Ruby world. The premiere issue has three outstanding articles: First up, Jack Herrington, author of Code Generation in Action (Manning, 2002) and Podcasting Hacks (O’Reilly, 2005), has written Modular Architectures with Ruby Next, Austin Ziegler gives us Creating Printable Documents with Ruby And there’s a reprint of Ara Howard’s article, Linux Clustering with Ruby Queue: Small is Beautiful, which first appeared in Linux Journal but deserves repeat attention A big thanks to the advisory board, and especial to Bill Venners for starting this whole thing.


EuRuKo 2005

EuRuKo 2005, die Europäische Ruby Konferenz, wird nun in München am

  1. und 16. Oktober 2005 stattfinden. Sie ist immer noch sehr klein und bietet eine intime Atmosphere mit sehr speziellen Themen. Die aktuelle Agenda gibt es hier, letztes Jahr wurden jedoch viele Präsentationen vorort spontan gehalten.


Ruby vulnerability in the safe level settings

The Ruby versions listed below have a vulnerability that allows an arbitrary code to run bypassing the safe level check.


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