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RubyConf 2004 registration now open

Registration for RubyConf 2004 is now open. You can register here. The conference will be held in Chantilly, Virginia, USA, October 1-3. Speakers will be announced soon; check the conference website for updates. RubyConf 2004 is a production of Ruby Central, Inc.

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ruby 1.8.2 preview2 released

ruby 1.8.2 preview2 was released.

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Incident Analysis of the intrusion on helium.ruby-lang.org

As already reported, helium.ruby-lang.org, which is one of the servers that provided various services relevant to Ruby development, was cracked by an unauthorized user. We, the ruby-lang.org administrators, are reporting our analysis of this intrusion and the countermeasures we’ve taken.

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ruby 1.8.2 preview1 released

ruby 1.8.2 preview1 was released.

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suspended lib/soap4r and lib/csv again

Anonymous CVS repository for csv(lib/csv) and soap4r(lib/soap4r) were once released to public at 2004-07-05 15:30:00 JST (2004-07-05 06:30:00 UTC). But I, the maintainer of these repository, found my checking process of CVS repository was not enough. So I suspended the repositories again. Users who checkout these repositories from 2004-07-05 15:30:00 JST to 2004-07-06 16:30:00 JST must check your CVS workspace. I’m sorry for the trouble this error caused you. I’ll report again after confirmation of these repositories. csv and soap libraries which are bundled to ruby’s repository(/src/ruby) were confirmed that it is safe.

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added lib/soap4r,lib/csv,mod_ruby-old to Anonymous CVS

lib/soap4r, lib/csv, mod_ruby-old were added to the Anonymous CVS repository. Then, eruby was renamed to eruby-old. mod_ruby/eruby are developed on the Subversion repository now.

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