RubyConf 2006 Almost Upon Us!

With people traveling from all over the world, by train, by car, and by air, enthusiasm is building for RubyConf 2006! The conference is scheduled to begin Friday morning, but if you arrive early you may be able to join in on a few preliminary activities.

There are over 16 talks scheduled with topics ranging from Leveraging Mac OS X from Ruby to YARV on Rails. There’s even a talk on Natural Language Processing in Ruby and one on the development of Iron Mongrel (the hot new Web server written in Ruby). Check out the talk descriptions for the gory details.

Also, if you are planning to attend the conference, be sure to put a bio up on the RubyConf 2006 Facebook. If you are blogging or posting photos about the conference, tag your content with “rubyconf” (one word) and “rubyconf2006” (also one word). This will make it easy for people to find your stuff on Technorati and Flickr.