Ruby 1.8.6 released!

Ruby 1.8.6 has been released (see the announcement on Ruby-Talk). The source is available in three formats:

  • ruby-1.8.6.tar.bz2 (3.8 MB)

    md5: e558a0e00ae318d43bf6ff9af452bad2
    sha256: 0fc6ad0b31d8ec3997db2a56a2ac1c235283a3607abb876300fc711b3f8e3dd7
  • ruby-1.8.6.tar.gz (4.4 MB)

    md5: 23d2494aa94e7ae1ecbbb8c5e1507683
    sha256: 3ef37fb961d04471a1aef2c8079d6fab09932e3281d79859d5cd5d426bde0868
  • (5.3 MB)

    md5: 5f4b82cec8f437634e05a3ce9bb3ca67
    sha256: c4b011d66b3f7e3bddbdf61a7404120d5ac80c6b742ad08e7e75b6d14ee56e76

For a brief list of user visible changes and a full list of all changes since 1.8.5, see the bundled files NEWS and ChangeLog.

After this announcement, we will start the development for 1.8.7 as well as maintaining the “ruby_1_8_6” branch on which only critical bugs and security vulnerabilities found in the 1.8.6 release are fixed, and patch releases will follow on appropriate and timely occasions. Please check them out after upgrading Ruby to 1.8.6.