Red Dirt RubyConf 2010

Registration is now open for the Red Dirt RubyConf. Our "early bird" special ends in ten days, so sign-up now for the best prices.

We have an excellent program of speakers and a ton of surprises in store for attendees. We're starting this conference with a bang, so don't miss it!

I'm really proud of the program we have put together, so check this out if you haven't seen it yet:


Living here in hell—Ruby and the search for perfection
Dave Thomas, The Pragmatic Programmers

(Parenthetically Speaking)
Jim Weirich, EdgeCase


Ruby and the Unix Philosophy
Matt Yoho, Hashrocket

Sinatra: Microapps Running on Rack
Tim Gourley, Engine Yard

Javascript and Friends: Scripting Ruby with JavaScript for Fun and Profit
Charles Lowell, The Frontside Software, Inc

Design and Modularity in Ruby
Glenn Vanderburg, Relevance, Inc.

Rails 3

Rails in the Large: How We're Building One of the Largest Rails Apps for an Enterprise
Neal Ford, ThoughtWorks

Bundler: Painless Dependency Management
André Arko, Engine Yard

Active Record Makeover: Rekindle the relationship
Marty Haught, Haught Codeworks

With a Mighty Hammer
Ben Scofield, Viget Labs


Scaling with Cassandra
Ryan King, Twitter

Data Driven Applications with Ruby and MongoDB
Kyle Banker and John Taber, 10gen and Tiger Nassau, Inc

CouchDB, Ruby, and You
Will Leinweber,

Plain Old Tokyo Storage
Jeremy Hinegardner, Collective Intellect


Rails and Sinatra on Google AppEngine
John Woodell, Google

Rumble in the Jungle…
Fernand Galiana, liquidrail llc

Redis To The Resque
Jade Meskill, Integrum Technologies

The Rise of DevOps
Corey Donohoe, Teamsters


The Ruby Your Mother Warned You About
James Edward Gray II and Glenn Vanderburg, Gray Productions Software Inc. and Relevance, Inc.

The Rails 3 Ropes Course
Gregg Pollack, Envy Labs

Introduction to Riak
Sean Cribbs, Basho

Living Among the Clouds
Jim Mulholland and Jason Derrett, Squeejee

Other Highlights

  • A hackfest is planned
  • There will be a live recording of the Ruby5 podcast
  • We will have good food (seriously!)

I hope you all find that as exciting as I do and I hope to see you there!

James Edward Gray II