Ruby Prize 2015 nominations are now open

Ruby Prize 2015 nominations are now being accepted for new and outstanding members in the Ruby community.

The Ruby Prize is given to recognize the efforts of remarkable activity and achievements in the Ruby Community. The prize will be awarded by the executive committee comprised of three parties, the Ruby Association, Nihon Ruby no Kai and Matsue City.

Ruby Prize winner and final nominee (1-2 people) will receive an award at the RubyWorld Conference 2015, to be held in Matsue, Shimane Prefecture on November 12th & 13th.

In addition, the Ruby Prize winner will also be awarded 1 million yen (approx. 8,213 USD at exchange rates as of June 30th, 2015).

Nominees will be selected by the following:

  • Recommendations from the “Prize Member” executive committee
  • Recommendations from the general public (you).

The final selection will be made by the executive committee. Please see below for more details.

Ruby Association: Now accepting nominations for the Ruby Prize Award 2015