Ruby 2.3.0-preview1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Ruby 2.3.0-preview1.

Ruby 2.3.0-preview1 is the first preview of Ruby 2.3.0. Many new features and improvements are included.

A Frozen String Literal Pragma is introduced. With Ruby 2.1, "str".freeze has been optimized to reduce object allocation. Ruby 2.3 introduces a new magic comment and command line option to freeze all string literals in the source files. Additionally for debugging, you can get where the object is created on "can't modify frozen String" error by --enable-frozen-string-literal-debug.

A safe navigation operator, which already exists in C#, Groovy, and Swift, is introduced to ease nil handling as obj&.foo. Array#dig and Hash#dig are also added.

The did_you_mean gem is bundled. The did_you_mean gem shows the candidates on the NameError and NoMethodError to ease debugging.

Try and enjoy programming with Ruby 2.3.0-preview1, and report us your knowledge!

Notable Changes since 2.2

  • TBD

See NEWS and ChangeLog for detail.

With those changes, 1036 files changed, 81312 insertions(+), 51322 deletions(-) since Ruby 2.2.0.



    • SIZE: 14174035 bytes
    • SHA1: 55ad4f04d7a33ab780458ee0999de9f6124217ea
    • SHA256: 42b9c9e1740a5abe2855d11803524370bd95744c8dcb0068572ed5c969ac7f0f
    • SHA512: ae6d46c87f59e1fd3703b76dfc45bfcf208625f95ab9f4559f0b9f7050e8681f1a6e419f5fa06b704c83e56879c3a9ff1337dba443bcfca76fadb49c97d97a93

    • SIZE: 17560800 bytes
    • SHA1: 6249572e5dca27d8c73a0cbf036e24e5d88fe82f
    • SHA256: dc8f9d48392a2bb226df5f4b4fd2074d81af155cdf3f3799139a6e31e012aefe
    • SHA512: 58384ef6e743dde20ea263692dab86ce9d6d22d722ef4c02a84396aa3128ce06d933d9b69078a3cd666d72320a8a6ffdc93296bc0d5338595b2a44c29d4db383

    • SIZE: 11225228 bytes
    • SHA1: 85b4f631efa4b6435b2b41df6ce6c46da294c4d4
    • SHA256: a88e19d9dc001db8f49ca3986a8a4e69980affff876854585725e40de0eedcd8
    • SHA512: 3be0f3ed4de73509b2f6975fe3fbe28bb4d51df87db6e2c0019e8a107edf49be60b2127ba5b18bca91f9f5964b07f1adde3042dac6327017359eeb130760672b

    • SIZE: 19777010 bytes
    • SHA1: 3458666c250dd333ac4b537be25f1913dd311ea1
    • SHA256: 0fc1d4450e9141f541038a4433f8fb49fb929e43c7bf5985685a4fa7b213a811
    • SHA512: f53653cf11d8dce1d627f7db3a15acca29c74c78735406a5d64bbbdc39fac232ef63110eb4d83521bef40c6f3006d55bbeaf54d1ddab1d4b6e5a13cee9247e85

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