Ruby 2.5.0-rc1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Ruby 2.5.0-rc1.

Ruby 2.5.0-rc1 is the first release candidate of Ruby 2.5.0. It introduces some new features and performance improvements, for example:

New Features

  • Print backtrace and error message in reverse order if STDERR is unchanged and a tty. [Feature #8661] [experimental]

  • Top-level constant look-up is removed. [Feature #11547]

  • rescue/else/ensure are allowed inside do/end blocks. [Feature #12906]

  • Add yield_self. [Feature #6721]

Performance improvements

  • Dynamic instrumentation for TracePoint hooks instead of using “trace” instruction to avoid overhead. [Feature #14104]

  • Performance of block passing using block parameters is improved by lazy Proc allocation. [Feature #14045]

  • Mutex is rewritten to be smaller and faster. [Feature #13517]

  • SecureRandom now prefers OS-provided sources over OpenSSL. [Bug #9569]

Other notable changes since 2.4

  • Update to Onigmo 6.1.3. It adds the absence operator. Note that Ruby 2.4.1 also includes this change.
  • Add Bundler to standard libraries.
  • Update to RubyGems 2.7.0.
  • Update to RDoc 6.0.0.
    • Change lexer from IRB based one to Ripper; this much improves the speed of generating documentation. []
    • Fix so many bugs from the last dozen years or so.
    • Support new Ruby syntaxes from the last several years.
  • Update supported Unicode version to 10.0.0.

See NEWS or commit logs for details.

With those changes, 6162 files changed, 339744 insertions(+), 28699 deletions(-) since Ruby 2.4.0!

Enjoy Ruby 2.5.0-rc1!



    SIZE:   31049529 bytes
    SHA1:   15df7e8ff99f360a14f7747a07a3021447d65594
    SHA256: 46c11b347522de174566503d35d2b46e1529b979d292b1f7f7019cfedcd4b07f
    SHA512: 41cd298e99d7a25fe5f2ec42946ae5dbc4421bb18f39350ba8a1b02e999541ec1b21b5f6ce0489b3a159f47e37d409178ba7c21c00e177b0fdb410ca6e9d6142

    SIZE:   35579788 bytes
    SHA1:   b7ae42eb733d4a0e3a2d135c9f8d4af043daa728
    SHA256: 9858e39fd2e7bf207cc9f8846197b11ada5f4424f433ff4df149fe3d48be8e36
    SHA512: 86c93791d312fd2175909020e448a44892740feb809a532ed706c6d850cb92722fb7ca02ecbdf7a1fbeb5b4f42f1338ce9a15b7c0a41055937bd1fdfb4be6f11

    SIZE:   29238901 bytes
    SHA1:   6aad74ed3d30de63c6ff22048cd0fcbcbe123586
    SHA256: 862a8e9e52432ba383660a23d3e87af11dbc18c863a19ef6367eb8259fc47c09
    SHA512: bf0eb114097f9e505ff846f25e7556a2fb393573b4e8b773f94cf5b47998e221f3962a291db15a3cdbdf4ced5a523812937f80d95f4ee3f7b13c4e37f178d7a7

    SIZE:   26096412 bytes
    SHA1:   05cacd0341b7a23cc68239c2061640643a30da38
    SHA256: a479a1bce69b2cf656821f10104dcb8b426922b56d3d6cbdf48318842fae752c
    SHA512: 9f9040abf69337439a3f31b80d440d97736555b0df6533d9d34c141ce52226bc40c3f4f7e596e74b080c879e933649c17a073c893be1a304d9a883bab02e9494