Ruby 2.4.6 Released

Ruby 2.4.6 has been released.

This release includes about 20 bug fixes after the previous release, and also includes several security fixes. Please check the topics below for details.

See the commit log for details.

After this release, we will end the normal maintenance phase of Ruby 2.4, and start the security maintenance phase of it. This means that after the release of 2.4.6 we will never backport any bug fixes to 2.4 except security fixes. The term of the security maintenance phase is scheduled for 1 year. By the end of this term, official support of Ruby 2.4 will be over. Therefore, we recommend that you start planning to upgrade to Ruby 2.6 or 2.5.



    SIZE:   12623913 bytes
    SHA1:   b44b5c6637a69b3b95971b1937ecb583dc1de568
    SHA256: 909f360debed1f22fdcfc9f5335c6eaa0713198db4a6c13bab426f8b89b28b02
    SHA512: 292802984e5cff6d526d817bde08216fe801d255c4cede0646e450f22d4a3a81ae612ec5d193dcc2a888e3e98b2531af845b6b863a2952bcf3fb863f95368bcf

    SIZE:   15880585 bytes
    SHA1:   3bc2d9ab3381887c57e0fb7937dc14e9f419f06c
    SHA256: de0dc8097023716099f7c8a6ffc751511b90de7f5694f401b59f2d071db910be
    SHA512: 7eb7720961e98e22e4335c38eeead9db96d049ef3ac1da437769b98fee7a10feb092643ce75822a2fe3bd5fd94938417ab5c2de7c6056afe0abf6e4cf03ca282

    SIZE:   10005544 bytes
    SHA1:   86a4fa22cb3547005ec4bfcf77489a4254226187
    SHA256: 25da31b9815bfa9bba9f9b793c055a40a35c43c6adfb1fdbd81a09099f9b529c
    SHA512: eafb2257747f99e2ed262af142e71175b70f7cceaa4d1253b92c8337f075a9a58a2d93b029d75e11a9b124f112a8f0983273b2b30afc147b5cf71a8dbb5fa0ba

    SIZE:   17469891 bytes
    SHA1:   0e55d231c0e119304e077e42923ce6a1c3daa1d1
    SHA256: c5de9f11d4b7608d57139b96f7bc94899bb2fc9dee2e192c8951f6647a9d60f7
    SHA512: cfa779cdb970dfd35dc2a97951310cb3cde1d380b040c283fda6609c591039817a2847ab7174f7a9ee7f7adbb610709b57914bb26e5c015a20d5fe880c569855

Release Comment

Sorry for making you wait for a long time. Thanks to everyone who helped with this release.

The maintenance of Ruby 2.4, including this release, is based on the “Agreement for the Ruby stable version” of the Ruby Association.