Ruby Repository Moved to Git from Subversion

Today, the canonical repository of the Ruby programming language was moved to Git from Subversion.

The web interface for the new repository is, and is provided by cgit. We can keep the commit hash from the contributor on the Ruby repository directly.

Development policy

  • We don’t use a topic branch on cgit.
  • The GitHub repository will still be just a mirror. We don’t use the “Merge pull request” feature.
  • The ruby_2_4, ruby_2_5, and ruby_2_6 branches will continue to use SVN. We don’t push anything to these branches on cgit.
  • Starting with ruby_2_7, we’ll use cgit to develop stable branches.
  • We don’t use merge commits.

Special Thanks

  • k0kubun

    k0kubun aggressively developed toolchains related to release and backport workflows and also updated the hook script for git.

  • naruse

    naruse updated the feature changes for Ruby CI and Redmine (

  • mame

    mame created the commit notification script for slack.

Future Work

We still have to complete some tasks. If you find an issue related to the Git migration, please file it to