Ruby 2.7.6 Released

Ruby 2.7.6 has been released.

This release includes a security fix. Please check the topics below for details.

This release also includes some bug fixes. See the commit logs for further details.

After this release, we end the normal maintenance phase of Ruby 2.7, and Ruby 2.7 enters the security maintenance phase. This means that we will no longer backport any bug fixes to Ruby 2.7 except security fixes.

The term of the security maintenance phase is scheduled for a year. Ruby 2.7 reaches EOL and its official support ends by the end of the security maintenance phase. Therefore, we recommend that you start to plan upgrade to Ruby 3.0 or 3.1.



    SIZE: 14805659
    SHA1: 0eb555e5169af2cfcedd2394137f129ddc842cc1
    SHA256: 6de239d74cf6da09d0c17a116378a866743f5f0a52c9355da26b5d312ca6eed3
    SHA512: 4f7f3624afc43da25ebf0f01d5a2f92f72f94bab7423587cfd3920e089b479bf559b159adf2891b996f7e6a98c008a4f73a4a2170e2f8619417660ac1ab24bdc

    SIZE: 16919639
    SHA1: 645f85941b4f69fc5bfb8aa3ba85f0e43dfb520c
    SHA256: e7203b0cc09442ed2c08936d483f8ac140ec1c72e37bb5c401646b7866cb5d10
    SHA512: 94810bb204cec55b5bbec8d51a5f5cc696613d1812b152399441a5cc7e4eddd2b376bc85e16d8da0b12f1938d19bf0d056b49a028809c036fb5a446a65bffbee

    SIZE: 12084408
    SHA1: 068e3e11799250781ba4a68eb4f015bab35966e3
    SHA256: 54dcd3044726c4ab75a9d4604720501442b229a3aed6a55fe909567da8807f24
    SHA512: e86410b59d5917786fe43b00fd75dedd0e7f84611286b9274c542d2e562088fcee6bcc6c2596c30ccf793280d2bac6bfbb2619ef0513b3ca31f10f88684c7b1f

    SIZE: 20701880
    SHA1: 59517436c536a817f52fe77b7cbed32d5d3764c3
    SHA256: 2ead329cfb9a5975348d2fdcfa0cb60bb3ba47a6693e93afd52db7a0ba01ac4c
    SHA512: d7210aa211333cc1afa080b999bf1a50db1708bb8e2c608892bb42fe450f4567aa4d974532071e0eba3d96bee63ed1f2d51f123d443edc46668c4eca3fe1f791

Release Comment

Many committers, developers, and users who provided bug reports helped us make this release. Thanks for their contributions.

The maintenance of Ruby 2.7, including this release, is based on the “Agreement for the Ruby stable version” of the Ruby Association.