Ruby 3.0.6 Released

Ruby 3.0.6 has been released.

This release includes security fixes. Please check the topics below for details.

This release also includes some bug fixes. See the GitHub releases for further details.

After this release, we end the normal maintenance phase of Ruby 3.0, and Ruby 3.0 enters the security maintenance phase. This means that we will no longer backport any bug fixes to Ruby 3.0 except security fixes.

The term of the security maintenance phase is scheduled for a year. Ruby 3.0 reaches EOL and its official support ends by the end of the security maintenance phase. Therefore, we recommend that you start to plan upgrade to Ruby 3.1 or 3.2.



    SIZE: 21315725
    SHA1: 1052441f0abbb0302fb9f1481d2db99dfb4d4c29
    SHA256: 6e6cbd490030d7910c0ff20edefab4294dfcd1046f0f8f47f78b597987ac683e
    SHA512: d596bfd374ae777717379b409afe8ee1655ade0c0539ada7a10af4780b818efe25a28aa50a2a7226741d1776d744e10ad916641f9d12fb31c7444b0a01d0e0cc

    SIZE: 15864560
    SHA1: 7880c34d7193224e967163b12f33bf7aaf7304f6
    SHA256: b5cbee93e62d85cfb2a408c49fa30a74231ae8409c2b3858e5f5ea254d7ddbd1
    SHA512: abbf883cd9f3ddbd171df8f8c3cd35d930623c4c01a5e01387de0aee9811cca7604b82163e18e04f809773bf1ca5a450f13f62f3db14f191f610e116ae4fa6f8

    SIZE: 25694359
    SHA1: e75d1bc14dd89c176145dc3968774e30f3a17652
    SHA256: 428d518d12f09df4146fc31dbed47c8d7e10fcccd2426948e5c0862d9321480d
    SHA512: 576d11c668acac57cf4952228b148d17f16ab1dc491145355a4f2068b15f6cab8a4007a84d9d1eda4c1b62837675c82be99ebe6379c314f46c6ebbbf89677b5e

Release Comment

Many committers, developers, and users who provided bug reports helped us make this release. Thanks for their contributions.

The maintenance of Ruby 3.0, including this release, is based on the “Agreement for the Ruby stable version” of the Ruby Association.