Ruby 3.0.7 Released

Ruby 3.0.7 has been released.

This release includes security fixes. Please check the topics below for details.

See the GitHub releases for further details.

After this release, Ruby 3.0 reaches EOL. In other words, this is expected to be the last release of Ruby 3.0 series. We will not release Ruby 3.0.8 even if a security vulnerability is found (but could release if a severe regression is found). We recommend all Ruby 3.0 users to start migration to Ruby 3.3, 3.2, or 3.1 immediately.



    SIZE: 21268288
    SHA1: ec95aee1364fc4d0ca0e8f83c525127016e05c86
    SHA256: 2a3411977f2850431136b0fab8ad53af09fb74df2ee2f4fb7f11b378fe034388
    SHA512: 66e5116ddd027ab1b27d466104a5b440889318b4f2f74b5fdf3099812bf5f7ef77be62fe1df37e0dc7cd5b2f5efe7fee5b9096910ce815ca4126577cb2abfaa7

    SIZE: 15848768
    SHA1: efc97e609868a19f89653068c4915c162117b721
    SHA256: 1748338373c4fad80129921080d904aca326e41bd9589b498aa5ee09fd575bab
    SHA512: 4760dc7d1345279b53cff30f3dd015b67f6a505e5028357f046dbf23b15a52d09f7d91fcfe5cb75d6c3222e7283aad12b97b36f5de0ff959f824bd42073f9c48

    SIZE: 25652209
    SHA1: b258a1bfcd49fb801b83a0aec90a8bb3989e9e42
    SHA256: 163d752070a2ba1a015f004ae75e38ac9aa44bc4ebfafb55d5ff184cc72db5be
    SHA512: ed5e6d827ba981808bc4d914e400963b4443d522d52dd5d3f645db0cf38b50ab6c9baafac1b5e348e677500a16ceef1a5ac15c6a67003c2b2037cb86c1bd3654

Release Comment

Many committers, developers, and users who provided bug reports helped us make this release. Thanks for their contributions.