Ruby 3.3.4 Released

Ruby 3.3.4 has been released.

This release fixes a regression in Ruby 3.3.3 that dependencies are missing in the gemspec of some bundled gems: net-pop, net-ftp, net-imap, and prime [Bug #20581]. The fix allows Bundler to successfully install those gems on platforms like Heroku. If your bundle install runs correctly now, you may not have this issue.

Other changes are mostly minor bug fixes. Please see the GitHub releases for further details.

Release Schedule

Going forward, we intend to release the latest stable Ruby version (currently Ruby 3.3) every 2 months after a .1 release. For Ruby 3.3, 3.3.5 is supposed to be released on Sep 3rd, 3.3.6 on Nov 5th, and 3.3.7 on Jan 7th.

If there’s any change that affects a considerable amount of people, e.g. Ruby 3.3.3 users on Heroku for this release, we may release a new version earlier than expected.



    SIZE: 22110179
    SHA1: 408362dfb0413122e09d35bafdcced8922b54e71
    SHA256: fe6a30f97d54e029768f2ddf4923699c416cdbc3a6e96db3e2d5716c7db96a34
    SHA512: 56a0b88954a4efd0236626e49cc90cdb15d9bfd42b27d7fc34efae61f500058e58cb32c73fdef5f1505a36602f4632d6148bf3bd1df539cb5581ae157c78c22b

    SIZE: 16366580
    SHA1: 4fac2e1609535f71cbdbf9ab9dcea6f6e80a304a
    SHA256: 1caaee9a5a6befef54bab67da68ace8d985e4fb59cd17ce23c28d9ab04f4ddad
    SHA512: b26461a13ff82a08a282f10108028bb2a2e4a28da6182a291062fc54089c6655d79c22cc69d59156f9b11cb10a17fe8c69d489343fbae123a45f03361b95c9eb

    SIZE: 26995054
    SHA1: dcd35f8d428e61807b5c95b6e2e79444fb32f214
    SHA256: 3cf0ee03dd4c98e78e8ab5e191af926870415770ef4995088ed069caef639b2a
    SHA512: c24ca2e6b1114f9c489c049c07acccb0db0916c42c68ea90eaa9acc430973de68342df19710c58130fe264a291958c89e60815c5b00f91decf5a4d1d674a0b32

Release Comment

Many committers, developers, and users who provided bug reports helped us make this release. Thanks for their contributions.