RubyConf Taiwan 2011 Call For Sponsors

RubyConf Taiwan 將於 2011/8/26 (週五) 和 8/27 (週六) 在中央研究院人科所會議廳舉辦,是台灣唯一及最大的 Ruby 程式語言大會,將會超過一百位的 IT 技術人員、系統管理員、程式開發者來參加這項會議,並邀請來自台灣、美國及日本的講者來分享他們的專案及經驗。


RubyConf Taiwan 2011 will be held on August 26-27, 2011 in Academia Sinica, Taipei. It’s the only and biggest Ruby language conference in Taiwan, we expect to see about 120 Ruby developers, system administrators and programmers in RubyConf Taiwan. There are speakers from U.S, Japan and Taiwan coming here and sharing their projects and experiences.

Now we are looking for sponsors. For sponsor program details, please check this prospectus.