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ruby 1.8.1 is out

Latest stable release ruby 1.8.1 is finally announced: This is mainly a bug fix release.


O'Reilly ONLamp Ruby article

Mike Stok has written an excellent recap of the 3rd International Ruby Conference, featured on the front page of O’Reilly’s ONLamp site, entitled “Ruby’s Present and Future”.


New Ruby Change Request (RCR) process

In [ruby-talk:88503], David Alan Black announced the launch of the new official process for RCRs. The new process is the result of matz’s desire to further formalize the process, as expressed in his RubyConf 2003 presentation.


ruby 1.8.1 preview3

Ruby 1.8.1 preview3 is out. Go get ruby 1.8.1 preview3 || rubyforge mirror.


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