Site Launch At Last!

As you can see the much anticipated redesign is now live. It was over a year ago that it was suggested that a “visual identity team” be formed for the purpose of redesigning the Ruby Web site. The redesign team created over 20 mockups for the the new site, posted several for the Ruby community to comment on, and finally decided on the current design.

Once the design was chosen it was lovingly converted to CSS and XHTML and an administration system was written for it. The content was then ported over from the old Web site and massaged by an enthusiastic group of volunteers.

The Ruby Visual Identity Team is composed of:

  • Ben Giddings
  • James Edward Gray II
  • Curt Hibbs
  • John Long
  • Shugo Maeda
  • Michel Martens
  • Why the Lucky Stiff

The following people also contributed expertise or content to the new Web site:

  • David Alan Black
  • Alex Combas
  • Damphyr
  • Eric Davis
  • Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto
  • Matt Todd
  • Usaku Nakamura
  • A handful of Japanese volunteers (who did the translation)

It would be great if we could list the names of all the people who gave suggestions, reported bugs, or contributed in some way, but the list would grow very long indeed. This site is truly a product of the Ruby community and we want to thank everyone who made it happen. Kudos to each and every one of you!

If you have comments or questions about the redesign, you are cordially invited to join the discussion over on the VIT-Discuss mailing list.