Ruby 1.8.6 maintenance moved to Engine Yard

Recently we have a welcome, historic development that the Ruby 1.8.6's maintenance stewardship moved from me (Urabe Shyouhei) to Kirk Haines of Engine Yard.

Ruby 1.8.6 was released on 2007, and the Ruby core team has provided supports such as bug fixes and security alerts since then. As Ruby 1.8.6 became widely used, users asked us to last those support longer than we thought earlier. That was basically OK for us except one thing: who is to do that. Engine Yard kindly came forward to do the job, and we have worked on moving needed privileges from us to them. This announce is to finish that process.

This issue do not affect those current Ruby 1.8.6 users in the short run. Everything remains as they are. Users' benefit is that bug fixes and improvements for Ruby 1.8.6 lasts longer than we announced before. I believe that is what everyone want.