Fukuoka Ruby Award 2011 Competition - Grand Prize, $12,000!

Even though it’s last minute, if you are Ruby Rock Star, you have a chance to win a 1,000,000 Japanese Yen (approximately 12,000 U.S. dollars!). The Government of Fukuoka Japan (the Fukuoka Ruby Business Hub Promotion Committee) is hosting the Fukuoka Ruby Award 2011 Competition. Not only the big prize, but also the inventor and creator of Ruby, Matz will be testing and reviewing your source code thoroughly. So it’s very meaningful to apply. The official deadline is November 15th, but they will accept the late entries from the U.S. specially up until the end of this month(11/30). There aren’t many applicants at this point (less than 10). Which means you have a very high chance to win the prize! So, hurry up! It’s Free to enter! Please see this page for more details.