Ruby 1.9.3 preview1 has been released

Ruby 1.9.3 preview1 has been released. This is a first preview of next version and there're still minor known issues. But it will be fixed in next release, Ruby 1.9.3-p0.

See ChangeLogs and NEWS for the descriptions.

Ruby Inside has published a review of this release.


Differences from previous version

Previous Ruby versions was licensed under "GPLv2" and "Ruby" license but "2-clause BSDL"(AKA Simplified BSD License) and "Ruby" license been replacement of them.


SJIS changed to alias for Windows-31J, instead of Shift_JIS.

Standard Libraries

  • io/console: Add capabilities to IO instances.
  • openssl
  • test/unit: supports parallel test

Other changes

  • pathname and date are re-implemented on current preview.
  • A purpose of VM locking is changed.