Service issue of

Some services provided by are stopped, because the servers of are currently down.

Impact is as follows:

  • All mailing lists provided by are down.
  • Ruby’s tar packages distributed by are unreachable.
  • If you lookup old DNS cache, you cannot reach

We are repairing these services now.

Update (2013-08-06 9:33 UTC)

The reason of today’s problems is a hardware failure. We repaired the following issues:

  • All mailing lists are back, but we still have some problem. We are repairing it.
  • is available again via http and ftp.

If you discover other problems, please report them to

Update (2013-08-06 13:18 UTC)

We stopped via http and ftp, because some old packages of Ruby is broken. MD5 doesn’t match as expected.

We are investigating now. Detail infomation is following issue.

Update (2013-08-07 14:08 UTC)

We confrimed that follow packages are broken. We got same packages via


We checked that MD5 checksum of these files are same as our release announcements. via http and ftp is available now.

Update (2013-08-09 9:30 UTC)

Some of our services have been backed now, which had been suspended since Aug. 6 2013 by the server accident we reported before

  • Mailing list: We replaced a software to provide the service from FML to Mailman.
    • For details, please check out
  • Package distribution: You can now download the packages we’re providing from via both http and ftp.
  • Snapshot packages: We restarted daily snapshot building and packaging

If you find any problems on our services, please notify us at