Ruby 1.9.3-p547 Released

Ruby 1.9.3-p547 has just been released.

Ruby 1.9.3 is now in the security maintenance phase. This means that we release Ruby 1.9.3 only when a security incident occurs. However, there is one exception. As stated previously, we release if a critical regression is found.

Some users reported problems in environments that use an old OpenSSL version, such as Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This is a regression introduced in Ruby 1.9.3-p545. (The same problem also occurred in Ruby 2.1.1 and Ruby 2.0.0-p451 and has already been fixed with Ruby 2.1.2 and Ruby 2.0.0-p481.) Please see Bug #9592 for more details.

So, we decided to release this fix. You should only upgrade if you are affected by this problem.

This release includes only two changes:

  • a fix for an old OpenSSL version (see above),
  • a trivial change of for our release management (does not affect users).


Release Comment

Thank you for reports.