Ruby 2.1.9 Released

Ruby 2.1.9 has been released.

This release includes many bug fixes. See ChangeLog for details.

As announced before, this is the last normal release of the Ruby 2.1 series. After this release we will never backport any bug fixes to 2.1 except security fixes. We recommend that you start planning to upgrade to Ruby 2.3 or 2.2.

By the way, we are planning to release Ruby 2.1.10 in a few days. Ruby 2.1.10 will not include any changes from 2.1.9, except for its version number. You do not have to use it on production, but you should test it because it has a two-digit version number.



    SIZE:   12016421 bytes
    SHA1:   39524185b580a3390a3b5019819c8b28d3249766
    SHA256: 4f21376aa11e09b499c3254bbd839e68e053c0d18e28d61c428a32347269036e
    SHA512: a86422132e4c64007a84a91696f4557bdcbc8716fbfe1962f1eef3754ee7f994f4de0b5b7e7231c25057515767040d5c4af33339750b6db15744662e9bd24f38

    SIZE:   15166126 bytes
    SHA1:   dd68afc652fe542f83a9a709a74f4da2662054bf
    SHA256: 034cb9c50676d2c09b3b6cf5c8003585acea05008d9a29fa737c54d52c1eb70c
    SHA512: 1e03aa720e932f019c4651c355e8ef35b87fdf69b054c9d39a319467d2a8e5bfe4995cbacd9add36b832c77761a47c9d1040f00e856ad5888d69ec7221455e35

    SIZE:   9395648 bytes
    SHA1:   5e89efa5189c3def8ee8de18ce750a7e4a20ac32
    SHA256: 39f203f7498aed2456fb500147fada5adcbf102d89d4f6aca773ebcadd8ea82a
    SHA512: 1f331a8910fd7a9ab9c41bf56aef12041dd413ad49c696f6df2c9a7ec3a3d5cdf383f2a3d30949ea37b8ecb39f50355e526412b36ed4e07b60733d9db4d2bd14

    SIZE:   16696728 bytes
    SHA1:   4aa288b65fbf12692ac53577adc561c9a0f6a6ca
    SHA256: 8610fdb1836d493c19600cfed4828083f85197096c0aea3f73fa1ed532cbb5a7
    SHA512: a212b6a58637f6bf4f456d7ecc7bbd8ceaa0c3f16cb844b872eb62eaf261b5874fdb79705241d05a356fcdc1d3fdd8a94fcd8e6ca62190e9f544c8f45a9f41af

Release Comment

Thanks to everyone who helped with this release.

The maintenance of Ruby 2.1, including this release, is based on the “Agreement for the Ruby stable version” of the Ruby Association.