Ruby Conferences

Ruby programmers around the world are getting involved in more and more conferences, where they get together to share reports on work-in-progress, discuss the future of Ruby, and welcome newcomers to the Ruby community. is a simple list of Ruby-specific conferences, published collaboratively with the Ruby community. There you will find event dates, location, CFP (Call For Proposals) and Registration information.

Major Ruby Conferences

Every year since 2001, Ruby Central, Inc. has produced RubyConf, the International Ruby conference. Attendance grew by a factor of ten between 2001 and 2006. RubyConf has provided a forum for presentations about Ruby technologies by their creators, including talks by Nathaniel Talbot on Test Unit, Jim Weirich on Rake, David Heinemeier Hansson on Ruby on Rails, Why the Lucky Stiff on the YAML library, and Sasada Koichi on YARV. Matz has attended, and spoken at, all the RubyConfs but one.
The first Japanese Ruby conference, RubyKaigi 2006, took place in Odaiba. RubyKaigi provides many new and exciting talks by Matz and other Rubyists in every year.
EuRuKo (European Ruby Conference)
The first annual European Ruby Conference (EuRuKo) was held in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2003. Organized by a team of German Rubyists including Armin Roehrl and Michael Neumann, EuRuKo emerged as the second annual Ruby event, starting two years after RubyConf.

Regional Ruby Conferences

Ruby Central administers a Regional Conference Grant Program, to offset expenses for local and regional groups wanting to organize events.

Ruby Central had also teamed up with SVForum (previously known as SDForum) to produce the Silicon Valley Ruby Conference, which took place in 2006 and in 2007.

WindyCityRails is an annual gathering for all who are passionate about Ruby on Rails. The Chicago-based conference has served the Ruby community since 2008.

Steel City Ruby: Pittsburg, PA

GoRuCo: New York City’s annual Ruby conference. A one-day single-track conference.

DeccanRubyConf: Pune’s (India) annual Ruby conference, themed around fun activities filled around the day. It is a single-day single-track conference.

Southeast Ruby: Nashville, TN workshop and conference.

Ruby At Other Conferences

There has been a Ruby track at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) since 2004, and an increasing presence on the part of Ruby and Rubyists at other non-Ruby-specific gatherings. A number of conferences have also been devoted to Ruby on Rails, including Ruby Central’s RailsConf, RailsConf Europe (co-produced in 2006 by Ruby Central and Skills Matter, and in 2007 by Ruby Central and O’Reilly), and Canada on Rails.