User Groups

In the programming community, user groups form support networks for people interested in certain topics. They are a great place to increase your skills and network with other programmers. User groups are informal and their structure varies from group to group. Anyone can form their own group and set their own rules and schedule.

Ruby User Groups

If you want to get together with other Ruby programmers, a local user group may be just the thing. Ruby user groups are entirely devoted to Ruby. They typically feature monthly meetings, a mailing list, a website, and if you’re lucky, frequent hacking sessions (meetings devoted to giving people a chance to write Ruby code).

Information about Ruby user groups can be found on various websites:

Ruby Meetup Groups
A substantial number of Ruby User Groups have chosen to make Meetup their home. Meetup provides a number of tools for user groups, including: private forums, a place for announcements, automated meeting reminders, and a nice RSVP system.
A number of user groups can also be found at OnRuby. OnRuby is an open source platform written in Ruby that can be used to organize meetups. It is available on GitHub.

Organizing Your Own Group

If you are interested in forming your own group, be sure to find out if there is already a Ruby user group in your area. Larger meetings are usually much more fun, so starting your own group may not be the best option if there is already one nearby.