Ruby blogs have exploded over the past years and given sufficient hunting, you can unearth hundreds of blogs sharing bits of Ruby code, describing new techniques, or speculating on Ruby’s future.

Mining for Ruby Blogs

  • RubyFlow, “the Ruby and Rails community linklog”, is a Ruby news site with links to libraries, blog posts, tutorials, and other Ruby resources.
  • Rubyland aggregates news and blog posts about Ruby from RSS feeds.

Blogs of Note

A few notable blogs stand out for the frequency and immediacy of their updates.

  • Ruby Weekly: Although more of a newsletter than a blog, Ruby Weekly is a distillation of the most interesting Ruby articles and news each week.
  • DEV Ruby Tag is the collection of all posts tagged Ruby within the DEV Community. DEV is a network of thousands of software developers who blog about and discuss code.
  • Riding Rails is the official group blog of the Ruby on Rails team. If you are running Rails, this blog is essential for notification of security updates and an overall view of the wide Rails community.

Spreading the Word

If you’re interested in writing for any of the above blogs, you should contact the authors.

Ruby is also a common topic on reddit and Hacker News, in their respective programming news. If you find some brilliant code out there, be sure to share!