Ruby Maintenance Branches

This page lists the current maintenance status of the various Ruby branches.

For more information about specific releases see the Releases page.

This is a preliminary list of Ruby branches and their maintenance status. The shown dates are inferred from the English versions of release posts or EOL announcements.

The Ruby branches or release series are categorized below into the following phases:

  • normal maintenance (bug fix): Branch receives general bug fixes and security fixes.
  • security maintenance (security fix): Only security fixes are backported to this branch.
  • eol (end-of-life): Branch is not supported by the ruby-core team any longer and does not receive any fixes. No further patch release will be released.

Ruby Lifecycle Timelines

Ruby 3.4

status: preview
release date:
normal maintenance until: TBD

Ruby 3.3

status: normal maintenance
release date: 2023-12-25
normal maintenance until: TBD
EOL: 2027-03-31 (expected)

Ruby 3.2

status: normal maintenance
release date: 2022-12-25
normal maintenance until: TBD
EOL: 2026-03-31 (expected)

Ruby 3.1

status: security maintenance
release date: 2021-12-25
normal maintenance until: 2024-04-01
EOL: 2025-03-31 (expected)

Ruby 3.0

status: eol
release date: 2020-12-25
normal maintenance until: 2023-04-01
EOL: 2024-04-23

Ruby 2.7

status: eol
release date: 2019-12-25
normal maintenance until: 2022-04-01
EOL: 2023-03-31

Ruby 2.6

status: eol
release date: 2018-12-25
normal maintenance until: 2021-04-01
EOL: 2022-04-12

Ruby 2.5

status: eol
release date: 2017-12-25
normal maintenance until: 2020-04-01
EOL: 2021-04-05

Ruby 2.4

status: eol
release date: 2016-12-25
normal maintenance until: 2019-04-01
EOL: 2020-03-31

Ruby 2.3

status: eol
release date: 2015-12-25
normal maintenance until: 2018-03-28
EOL: 2019-03-31

Ruby 2.2

status: eol
release date: 2014-12-25
normal maintenance until: 2017-03-28
EOL: 2018-03-31

Ruby 2.1

status: eol
release date: 2013-12-25
normal maintenance until: 2016-03-31
EOL: 2017-03-31

Ruby 2.0.0

status: eol
release date: 2013-02-24
normal maintenance until: 2016-02-24
EOL: 2016-02-24

Ruby 1.9.3

status: eol
release date: 2011-10-31
normal maintenance until: 2014-02-24
EOL: 2015-02-23