Ruby 2.3.7 Released

Ruby 2.3.7 has been released.

This release includes about 70 bug fixes after the previous release, and also includes several security fixes. Please check the topics below for details.

See the ChangeLog for details.

After this release, we will end the normal maintenance phase of Ruby 2.3, and start the security maintenance phase of it. This means that after the release of 2.3.7 we will never backport any bug fixes to 2.3 except security fixes. The term of the security maintenance phase is scheduled for 1 year. By the end of this term, official support of Ruby 2.3 will be over. Therefore, we recommend that you start planning to upgrade to Ruby 2.5 or 2.4.



    SIZE:   14421177 bytes
    SHA1:   3bb88965405da5e4de2432eeb445fffa8a66fb33
    SHA256: 18b12fafaf37d5f6c7139c1b445355aec76baa625a40300598a6c8597fc04d8e
    SHA512: e72754f7703f0706c4b0bccd053035536053451fe069a55427984cc0bc5692b86bd51c243c5f62f78527c66b08300d2e4aa19b73e6ded13d6020aa2450e66a7d

    SIZE:   17859100 bytes
    SHA1:   540996fec64984ab6099e34d2f5820b14904f15a
    SHA256: 35cd349cddf78e4a0640d28ec8c7e88a2ae0db51ebd8926cd232bb70db2c7d7f
    SHA512: 1ceccf00981d6d60e7587e89a04cc028f976950313ee445db5afd03e323472d3e69a35423733b24f9cbd9729f034cf80d2233b5c159764839f5bee4ca7052fe0

    SIZE:   11438124 bytes
    SHA1:   c489248730cbce7721edd3e97de81e68eec938b2
    SHA256: c61f8f2b9d3ffff5567e186421fa191f0d5e7c2b189b426bb84498825d548edb
    SHA512: fd91c8db3d3aa4cc962a62f27b4d1a71f6b5567ab836e6dbfbbb1553eb269d11e12faf9e36af6c489c33b54fd89dab99bfe81a563158b704877f0628d6f5bc5a

    SIZE:   19911423 bytes
    SHA1:   ec6870b39125238d8d57d642225592896ed3b6d9
    SHA256: ffa42eeff928624a05dc7ad39426c855c6e9a757417f17b6fe9e54664ec91012
    SHA512: c85255a7f43c7df2fb11be4f9aa96e2ae70a94d3e963ccff4d8c1349ad6d455d9a436812efb24c91e451e68b8f81e5d335c6d5811b2a0e945a7070c305054434

Release Comment

Thanks to everyone who helped with this release.

The maintenance of Ruby 2.3, including this release, is based on the “Agreement for the Ruby stable version” of the Ruby Association.